Resignation from the Democratic Party

When I joined the Democratic Party, I did so because I believed in an idea. I believed that people could work together to build a country where everyone could be guaranteed equal opportunity to achieve mutual freedom and prosperity. I gravitated toward the Democrats because they claimed to believe in civil liberties under the rule of law with an emphasis on economic freedom. I’ve been a member of and worked for the Democratic Party for more than a decade now, and what I have found could not be further from those values. Instead, I have found a group of condescending, self-righteous elites masquerading as “community leaders,” who collude with powerful institutions that seek to undermine liberal values by propagating a worldview that is divisive, totalitarian, hypocritical, and, ultimately, toxic. Let me give you some examples….

I could provide you with anecdotes about the national corruption of the party, but you can search for those yourself, if you aren’t already familiar. You wouldn’t have to look too far down your search results to find instances of pay-to-play politics, half-true propaganda disguised as journalism, and blatant nepotism. I know because I’ve experienced all of these personally: I was undermined by the national party myself when I started a successful grassroots organizing campaign for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary. More locally, my ward leader told me to “shut the fuck up” and implied that I was mentally ill when I questioned a local election-day practice, even though I was elected as the Inspector of Elections for my ward. Time-and-time again I have seen people in positions of influence collude with mass media outlets by finding “people who agree with [them] and will spread [their] message.” I’ve heard people in positions of leadership engage in nepotism based on the color of someone’s skin or their religion instead of competency for the position. I’ve heard demands for $25,000 to be allowed on a ballot….

None of these instances are virtuous acts of a group looking to build a country of dignity, opportunity, and prosperity for all its neighbors. They are hypocritical acts of corrupted hearts who justify their actions based on an amoral ideology that values power at any cost and lets their unstudied ends justify the means. The Democratic Party is not liberal. It has become a den of postmodern, neo-Marxist ideologues obsessed with power politics and winning by any means necessary, even going so far as to justify the collateral damage of their constituents.

I am shocked and appalled by the state of the Democratic Party. I have been elected to two seats in my local government in the past year based on my work and community engagement, but am being forced out of both of my roles because of a ward leader and a system which unabashedly values identity politics and power games over the liberal principles on which this country was founded…in Philadelphia, no less. I guess I don’t look or think the way they want. I guess, because I value freedom-and-responsibility, equality of opportunity, and an appreciation of the country that brought me out of the ghetto, and don’t blindly get in line judging people based on their immutable characteristics, instead of their inalienable dignity being made in the image of God, that I can “shut the fuck up.”

Shame on these “leaders” and their ideological manipulations.

As a result of the consistent moral failings of the Democratic Party I have seen both nationally and locally, I am resigning my positions in the party and becoming an Independent. I can no longer in good conscience represent these abhorrent, dangerous, and condescending attitudes toward my fellow countrymen-and-women. I was raised to not judge people by the color of their skin, their genitalia, or even their chosen social group. I learned from Dr. King, who exhorted us all to judge each other by the content of our character. I have learned through a decade of experience that the Democratic Party has no commitment to this call. Furthermore, should we judge them by the content of their character, we would find a commitment to prejudice, conflict, nepotism, and hypocrisy.

Karl Marx once remarked that he thought that religion was the opiate of the masses. The postmodern, neo-Marxist leftists who have taken over the Democratic Party have flipped that script. Their “leaders” are now using politics as the opiate of the masses to distract and divide us, while consolidating influence for themselves. I can no longer be complicit in this destructive charade. My conscience urges me forward in the interest of truly liberal values, which cannot be found in today’s Democratic Party.

For everyone who voted for me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Just know that I will not give up working for my vision of a country typified by its ability to provide equal opportunity and dignity for all our citizens, regardless of their race, sex, class, or creed. However, to the corrupted left and to politics, I am compelled by conscience to say, “Adieu.”