Love & Let Yourself Be Loved or "You Don't Have To Be Ashamed To Ask For Help"

No one likes to ask for money. It is a very humbling thing to come to your friends and family—let alone people you don’t know—and admit, “I cannot do this by myself.” However, life very rarely moves at the speed of our pride. Unfortunately, shit happens. Shit will always happen and it usually happens right when you least expect it. No matter how hard you plan, life will inevitably throw you that parabolic curve ball that will break the glass walls of your expectations, leaving you pick up the pieces. Some will be left to clean up the mess up alone (I have the utmost sympathy for these folks), but the fortunate among us will have loved ones who will help us bag the glass, dispose of it, get a new window, and install it. It is a humbling position for the window owner and a call to action for the community. 


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