Political Rage

Political Rage

Is just another stage

about coming of age

and becoming brave

from the inside of a cage

where the pellets are praised

as a tempting sensation

for which we've prayed


Perpetuate a revolutionary gait

where no one is resigned to fate

or late for a date

with destiny

where my friends and me

become the State's worst enemy

of the free "democracy"

where ideas don't breath

where money paves the roads leading to DC

where I don't wanna be

'cause I'm constantly

anxious and worrying

about good healthcare, shelter, and the lottery

from a TV screen

where my played out dreams 

finally take the form of fantasy

and become with me

another reality

of sobriety

peace, love, and equality

for who?

to think, and see, and feel

what's real

not just what's told in a sales pitch spiel 

like some kind of frail

rambunctious delinquent who most certainly needs jail

with no bail

or access to a lawyer 'cause his soul is for sale

and nailed

to a courtroom docket--another martyr to Ba'al