Oh, Philadelphia: A Poem

I oft' desire elsewhere 

Some exotic city or jungle afar

blazin' down the highway to hell


To the moon, maybe different realms altogether


'Cause the grass is always greener in Renaissance hues

and the sky is seldom bluer from a Parisian saunt. 

The paradox of life is rarely as sharp as the apex of Great Canyons

And the streets never swoon so savvy as after a waltz with Johnny Walker


But the sky is crystal clear from my Park bench

And the squirrels stand up straight in the succulent finish

Of walnut and cedar and pine trees

And rose bushes bathed in sunshine

Stretching free


Yay, I wander often after my wonderlust

Then I stop and I listen and the world is hushed

Away from cars and jobs and money and things

I'm brought back to now and in my happiness I sing..


Oh, Philadelphia...