Butterflies & The All-Consuming Fire: A Poem

Butterflies are infecting my insides

Escaping through my innards 

with cardboard signs 

    that say


        and booze

        and football 

        and bills…


I will not be shaken by my shaky resolve

I will stand tall if I leave standing at all


“You are not alone sister, brother, father, mother

cousin, grandmother, uncle and aunt

Because you are all and more in this culture of vultures

and it’s time the towers fell on the lawfully empowered.”


Don’t hole up in your cocoon, 

bravery and bravado,

stretch your wings and be free

walk into the murder 

For when we feel what your brother feels

and cry as your sister cries

and drown in your blood like the marginalized 

You will awake with wings of steel 

and resolve of lions

to consume every city

with a righteous and just fire.