Searching for Socio-Economic Asylum

I am looking for a place to live for free where I can grow my own food, collect rain water, and make a sustainable alternative to the renter/rentee relationship. Now before you jump to conclusions about me let me explain what I mean. I am what some would call an anti-capitalist. What I mean by this is that I am morally opposed to a framework of the have's and have-not's. The way our current economic system is structured such that the vast majority of Americans are expected to work for forty or more years at a job they hate (if we are privileged and/or lucky) so that we can give half of our earnings away to rent and spend the rest trying to pay for overpriced education and gadgets. The result is that a fortunate few end up owning property and the rest essentially become debt slaves. So, we work day in and day out to try to measure up to the standard that the rich and powerful have set for us. 

I have a different vision. My vision is of a world where individuals and communities can spend their time bettering themselves and those around them. Every great period in human history has come when the people have had the social and economic security to pursue their dreams, whether they be artistic, social, or innovative. I want to start a movement toward those goals. Between never ending wars, corporate profiteering, and the ineptitude of government there is no one left to defend the public interest. I want to take that power back into my own hands in the hopes that others will want to follow suit. In short, I want to take the power away from the corporations, banks, and government and help restore it to the people.

To do this I need a place to make my vision a reality. I need an open enough space that is big enough to grow my own food (whether on the roof or in a garden), capture and filter rain water (again, the roof would be helpful), a strong enough electrical infrastructure to install solar panels, and a big enough space to host free community meals and art projects. I do not want to make a dime off of this project. I simply want to show the world that if the have's and have-not's can join together in a common pursuit of social stability then we can undermine the current system of exploitation that has plagued civilization since its inception.

All it will take to get this project started is you... the land/building holder. I need you, the person/family holding an extra piece of land to take a chance on a revolution. This revolution will be peaceful, sustainable, and open for everyone, but it needs you. It needs you to take a chance on change.

I am a college graduate who has given the past couple of years of his life to making this world a better place, but it's a full-time job. With your help I would like to make this vision a reality not only for you and me, but for the world as well. 

If you want to take a chance on love: email me.