Philadelphia, PA


Inspector of Elections, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ward 27 Division 23

Democratic Committeeman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ward 27 Division 23


Founder, CEO, Chief Marketing Officer (2009-Current)

Larry's World Famous Miracle Spice

"From meats to pizza to  vegetables to eggs to ice cream... ok, maybe not ice cream... Larry’s World Famous Miracle Spice is the perfect combination of spices from every corner of the Earth blended together by master chef Larry to make EVERY dish a miracle of flavor."


National Coordinator of Online Organizing (August 2014-Current) 

Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC United) 


In my current role I am responsible for strategic planning for field and digital engagement, organizational development, maintaining a database of 150,000 members, graphic design, and content distribution.


Co-Founder/Organizer (November 2012 –June 2013) 

Occupy Sandy New Jersey Organizers’ Cooperative

New Jersey

I co-founded this group the day after Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast using the InterOccupy communications network I had also co-founded months prior. I was involved in strategic organizational development, finance, advocacy, admin/communications, press relations, design, and technical infrastructure maintenance, which included keeping up with the website, maintaining a list of 30,000+ volunteers, organizing working group meetings, sending weekly blasts out of a CiviCRM database system, facilitating conference calls, organizing social media campaigns, and coordinating incoming needs from the website. I also coordinated trainings in all of the areas listed above.


Community Organizer (August 2012-February 2013) 

SEIU 32BJ: Fight For A Fair Economy "Fight For Philly”

Philadelphia, PA

In my role as a community organizer for SEIU, I was responsible for day-to-day community affairs of West Philadelphia, in addition to planning strategy for organization-wide gatherings. Externally, I engaged daily in community outreach, while planning community meetings from the ward level all the way up to the state level. Internally, I was responsible for strategic planning, design, and database systems management. Expert in NPGVan database as a result.


Facilitator, Organizer, Communications Infrastructure (September 2011- Present) 

Occupy Philly, Occupy Wall Street, InterOccupy, National Gathering Working Group, Occupy Sandy New Jersey, #OpOK (Tornado Relief in Oklahoma) 

National and Global

I am the one of the founding members of InterOccupy, Occupy Philadelphia, the National Gathering Working Group, Occupy Sandy New Jersey, and the OSNJ Organizers’ Cooperative. In my myriad roles throughout the Occupy movement nationally, I facilitated consensus-building of large groups; planned and executed local, regional, and national gatherings of activists; created one of the first directly democratic processes for building consensus using virtual tools; designed a democratic process in which 1,000 people were able to horizontally craft a vision document; created and maintained social media pages; and designed posters, graphics, t-shirts, signs, and other props used in artistic displays.


Professional Art Gallery Showings (2009-Current)

Planet Earth

  • Winder Binder Gallery of Folk Art- Chattanooga, TN
  • Edward Jones Financial Services- Chattanooga, TN
  • Case Gallery- Ardmore, PA
  • MoMA Museum of Modern Art- New York, NY
  • Space Womb Gallery- Queens, NY
  • O.U.R. Gallery and Studios- Philadelphia, PA
  • The Streets- Philadelphia, PA; New York City; Barcelona, Spain; Paris, France


  • Covenant College - Lookout Mountain, GA, Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies, Minor Biblical Languages, May 2008 


  • Trained by UNICEF in organizational visioning and strategic development 
  • Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Google AdWords, Wordpress, NPGVan
  • SEO planning, data analysis with Google Analytics
  • Email drip campaigns
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Quick learner and highly adaptable 
  • Knowledgeable in the complexities of the globalized world
  • Expert in strategies of digital engagement
  • Highly-involved politically
  • Goal-oriented with a long-term focus 
  • Organizational infrastructure planning
  • Expert in campaign planning, including group visioning, goal-setting, and financial planning
  • Proven leadership capabilities in a variety of settings
  • Expert in all aspects of press relations and communications planning
  • Management of teams up to 50


  • My digital and field strategic political work has influenced several city-wide and state elections, in addition to a Presidential Cabinet appointment. I have also spearheaded or co-organized many policy initiates in Philadelphia and out of state.
  • I have been invited to speak on panels on social justice and organizing in the digital age at Johns Hopkins University, Villanova University, Yale University, Hudson County Community College, and New York University. 
  • I have been published both in-print and online, including, but not limited to, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Arab Times Online, and My writings and visual art can be found at